Foundation Marijn Nicaragua

The Foundation (Fundación) Marijn is a Dutch foundation on the east coast of Nicaragua that cares in Puerto Cabezas for children and youth who live in problematic family conditions, and - if at all - just go to school irregularly. Currently, 80 children are in the newly built house of the Fundación.

The children receive tutoring, help with homework and supervision in areas that go far beyond school. The children should be strengthened so that they finish their school, develop self-confidence and so may be able to break the vicious circle of poverty. Each child receives material support in the form of two school uniforms, two pairs of shoes and books and notebooks for school. The supported children are carefully selected according to established criteria. Criteria are, for example, domestic violence, abuse and child labor.



The Fundación was founded by Marijn van Os (hence the name), the mother of today's head of Jet van Os. Marijn learned about the situation in Puerto Cabezas during several visits to her daughter, who worked there from 2000 to 2006. Then she began to build up a fund in Holland. Unfortunately she suddenly died in 2006, her project seemed finished. However, some supporters and her daughter continued her work and founded the Stichting (Foundation) Marijn with its offshoots in Nicaragua.



The Fundación has built a new house in the heart of Puerto Cabezas and intends this house as a community center. There are rooms for the care of children, but also for the volunteers who work there. Currently they just set up a library, which may be also used by other children and young people from the neighborhood. For this effort there is still a need for donations.



This is therefore a particularly important project because books are in extremely short supply in Puerto. There is throughout the city neither a bookshop nor a library. Parents are not used to read and so it does not get to the children as well. The Fundación believes, however, that reading contributes significantly to the development of children.


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